Dan Hicks graduated from The University of Leeds with a first class Masters in Mechanical Engineering. For the past three years he has been working as a Knowledge Transfer Associate with OSET Bikes Ltd. and The University of Brighton to deliver OSET’s first adult competition motorbike.

The KTP between OSET Bikes and The University of Brighton aims to develop a novel, off-road electric motorbike. Through this partnership we have also secured a KEEP+ ‘Grant for Consultancy Support’ which was used to engage two lecturers from The UoB on two high impact projects, developed innovative motor controller IP, designed chassis test equipment to implement ISO standards, co-supervised of over ten student projects, managed a paid student project the result of which will feature on future production motorbikes, collaborated with other local SME’s, networked in both academia and industry and taught material based on the KTP Project. View the poster by clicking here.