Eleni Bohacek graduated with a first class degree in Earth Sciences from University College London (UCL) in 2014, with a specialism in Planetary Science. She then joined the UCL-Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated- Photonic and Electronic Systems and completed her MRes in 2015. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department in collaboration with the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at UCL. Her thesis is focused on modelling uncertainty and errors in multi view stereo systems and building an emulator of the European Space Agency 2022 Rosalind Franklin rover camera systems.

Her poster is entitled Enhancing the 3-D capability of science and engineering cameras on the ExoMars rover. She explains: the stereo camera systems on the ExoMars Rover are PanCam, a scientific instrument designed by MSSL/UCL, and the NavCams and LocCams, designed by Airbus for navigation. Both will provide 3-D imagery of the terrain around the rover for their respective communities. I developed emulators of these instruments from a static three-camera system to a full-sized rover, in order to collect representative data of the landing in 2021. We simulated a rover traverse at the Airbus “Mars Yard” and produced 3-D models using data from both instruments for the first time and compared these with corresponding LIDAR measurements. View the poster by clicking here.