I did my BA in interior design and worked as an interior designer for several years back at home in Moldova. I’ve got a funding for studies in Lithuania and went there for 2 years to do my MA in product/industrial design, hoping that it will help me create better interiors. Turned out it’s a different profession, but a very interesting one and I as well love it. Now, for the last year I’ve been lucky to work at Britvic and help with the problem of difficult to open packaging. 

Inna’s poster describes that rapidly changing demographics highlighted a need for an easier to open packaging, considered to be the most important feature of packaging when buying soft drinks. Previously Britvic has unsuccessfully attempted to explore potential improvements around packaging functionality and inclusive design. Then, with the help of KTP and through a successful collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University we’ve tested over 1500 caps and closures, created a relevant consumer capability suite and set up an innovative Sensory Panel procedure for identifying the level of physical effort when opening caps. Now it’s becoming a key element of the New Process Development for future packaging. View the poster by clicking here.