PhD student at The University of Sheffield. I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia and Master’s degree in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. I am skilled in mass and heat transfer, modelling of fluid flows, aerodynamics of gas turbines and two-stroke marine diesel engines. My industrial experience includes several internships in smaller companies in Croatia, one year student placement in MAN Energy Solutions in Copenhagen, Denmark and a year and a half as research associate in Rolls-Royce. My poster describes that turbine tip leakage is the main source of efficiency loss and primary factor when it comes to the periodic maintenance of jet engines. Unshrouded turbine tips have been recently introduced in large jet engines for commercial use, saving weight and reducing cooling requirements. However, in order to account for the absence of the shroud which is effective way of mitigating tip leakage flow, novel turbine tips need to be designed. To achieve the goal, this project deals with aerodynamic and heat load topology optimisation of turbine blade tips in a close collaboration with Rolls-Royce and other partners from industry and academia under H2020 EU MADELEINE project. View the poster by clicking here.